Our finishes - Melamine vs Laminate.

Here at Burton Joinery, we often get asked about the difference between our finishes, primarily we work with High Pressure Laminate, MDF, Melamine, Chipboard and hardwood for our bespoke joinery work. 

The question often gets asked about the difference between melamine and laminate as well as the edging possibilities of PVC edging or a laminate edge so below are some key facts:

High Pressure Laminate (finished on a panel):

  • Huge range of colours and finishes

  • Can range from metal, wood, coloured, magnetic, chalkboard, patterned and more!

  • Can be bonded onto any size board

  • Wide variety of brands (Formica, Egger, Altofina...)

  • Thickness ranges from 0.8mm - 1.2mm which means they're more hard wearing than melamine.

  • Can post-form which allows for a rounded edge.


  • Comes pre-bonded onto a board so generally a quicker turnaround.

  • Thickness of board ranges from 12mm - 25mm.

  • Fewer options when it comes to colours and patterns.

  • Can have a laminate edge or a PVC edge.

  • Usually comes pre-bonded on a chipboard.

Laminate Edging:

  • Will match perfectly to the laminated panel.

  • Thinner edging so slightly higher chance of impact damage.

  • 'Black line' is shown where the laminate edge meets the face of the panel.

  • Can get a 'Colour Core' finish which eliminates the black edge (only on certain finishes)

  • Thinner finish as generally only a 0.8mm thickness.

  • Can be bent and curved.

  • Panel is edged and then laminated last to protect the edge.

PVC Edging:

  • Comes in 1mm and 2mm so higher resistance to damage.

  • 2mm PVC edging can be rounded for a more curved edge.

  • No black line shown where edging meets the face of the panel.

  • Can usually get colour to match the laminate finish.

  • Can be bent and curved.

  • Panel is laminated and then laminated - easier for bulk orders.