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With the new year once again when and truly underway, we like to look back at a few pieces of Joinery we’ve completed from our factory in Essex last year. From Bespoke Joinery such as residential bars to larger scale Joinery jobs for commercial clients that consisted of once again providing 1000’s of linear meters of shelving for a Sport Direct Stock Room.

Please feel free to take a look at a small selection of our Bespoke Joinery jobs that were completed from our warehouse in Essex. For regular updates, please keep up with our social media - we’re on Instagram, Facebook and Twitter!

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Joinery Essex and London

Our finishes - Melamine vs Laminate.

Here at Burton Joinery, we often get asked about the difference between our finishes, primarily we work with High Pressure Laminate, MDF, Melamine, Chipboard and hardwood for our bespoke joinery work. 

The question often gets asked about the difference between melamine and laminate as well as the edging possibilities of PVC edging or a laminate edge so below are some key facts:

High Pressure Laminate (finished on a panel):

  • Huge range of colours and finishes

  • Can range from metal, wood, coloured, magnetic, chalkboard, patterned and more!

  • Can be bonded onto any size board

  • Wide variety of brands (Formica, Egger, Altofina...)

  • Thickness ranges from 0.8mm - 1.2mm which means they're more hard wearing than melamine.

  • Can post-form which allows for a rounded edge.


  • Comes pre-bonded onto a board so generally a quicker turnaround.

  • Thickness of board ranges from 12mm - 25mm.

  • Fewer options when it comes to colours and patterns.

  • Can have a laminate edge or a PVC edge.

  • Usually comes pre-bonded on a chipboard.

Laminate Edging:

  • Will match perfectly to the laminated panel.

  • Thinner edging so slightly higher chance of impact damage.

  • 'Black line' is shown where the laminate edge meets the face of the panel.

  • Can get a 'Colour Core' finish which eliminates the black edge (only on certain finishes)

  • Thinner finish as generally only a 0.8mm thickness.

  • Can be bent and curved.

  • Panel is edged and then laminated last to protect the edge.

PVC Edging:

  • Comes in 1mm and 2mm so higher resistance to damage.

  • 2mm PVC edging can be rounded for a more curved edge.

  • No black line shown where edging meets the face of the panel.

  • Can usually get colour to match the laminate finish.

  • Can be bent and curved.

  • Panel is laminated and then laminated - easier for bulk orders.

Quick Quote Section!

We realise that writing an email can be a bit of a boring job, we also realise our clients want a quick turn around on a quote to see if a project is worth doing.

So with this being said, we’ve added a Quick Quote section to our website. This way, for any bespoke joinery requirements or laminating needs, some quick details can be entered which allows for us to hopefully be able to provide a quote with a fast turnaround.

For your bespoke joinery in Essex needs or laminate service, we’d love for you to get in touch.

Click here for the Quick Quote section!

Cut and Edge Service.

Although we've supplied a cut and edge service for years, this isn't something thats been advertised. So we've added a new section on our website as well as new signage and marketing to ensure people are aware that we can provide a cut and edge service as well as our other bespoke joinery. 

Whether this be for small, one off jobs or if you would like to subcontract a large order, please feel free to get in touch for a quick and friendly quote. 

Click here for more on our cut and edge service.

Mid Year Update

The first half of 2018 has been a good one here at Burton Joinery and Burton Laminates. We've undertaken jobs from existing clients and are happy to welcome new clients to our bespoke joinery services. As you can see from our recent work page (click here) we've complete a wide range of services from school fit outs, bathroom renovations, cubicles and much more, its been an exciting few months. 

We have also employed more staff to keep up with the high demand from our clients which brings fresh character to our modern workshop based in Essex. 

We are excited for the rest of 2018 and look forward to developing even further.

For all your bespoke joinery and laminate needs, please feel free to contact at us!

Welcome to the team!

We're happy announce a new member of the staff here at Burton Joinery and Burton Laminates. Emily has come in as an office manager to help run the office and pick up on day to day tasks. She'll be the voice behind the phone should you call us up to discuss possible work and have any queries and we're looking forward to her making the office a nicer, more organised environment. 

Merry Christmas from Burton Joinery & Burton Laminates !

A quick message to everyone wishing a very merry Christmas and happy new year.

Looking back at the past year, its been an exciting one for everyone at Burton Joinery and Burton Laminates. We've completed large scale jobs for new clients such as providing 1000's of l/m's of stock room shelving and worked with existing clients with one job entailing renovating a 150 year old house. We've supplied over 200 lockers for a local private school and produced various reception desks with lots of other exciting jobs in between. 

From bringing in new members of staff, updating phone systems, upgrading the warehouse with new heating and starting potential new projects, its been a year to remember. 

We are looking forward to what the new year brings and are excited about what lies ahead.

New website!

After a few years of having our old website design, we figured it was due an upgrade. We're hoping this new layout makes it easier for people who visit the site to browse our different services and jobs and just generally have a nicer time exploring.

As always, if you have any questions about work, ideas or projects, please feel free to contact us as we will always look forward to taking your call!