Design and Build.

Bespoke joinery can come in all sorts of shapes and sizes, sometimes that unique product needs some advice from our team to help with whats feasible, what would work in a space better and general experience of the products we produce on a regular basis. With this, we like to help our clients when the come to us with an idea by suggesting options and alternatives to their bespoke joinery. 

With this, our 2d and 3d modelling software can help the client understand whats been suggested as well as making sure all parties are on the same wave length before a build takes place. 

With this being said, our friendly team considers the clients needs and foremost works around what the client is after. 


Bespoke Joinery:

Some of our favourite builds have consisted of:

  • Custom made trees for Great Ormund Street Hospital. 
  • A large shoebox that takes the shape of a ordinary shoe box.
  • A child's castle which was used as an office inside a house.
  • A Japanese inspired bed frame.
  • Truck bed dog cage.
  • Castle bed for a child's room
  • Umbrella Stand