We can supply fire rated doors, cut and made to measure. We supply various painted doors, laminated doors, veneered doors all with different detailing including vision panels, cut outs, colours and options. All made to measure to match your existing frame.

Laminate Existing Doors:

Due to the cost of replacing doors or the poor finish of painting doors, we readily laminate existing doors with the finish of your choice. This is a quick and cheaper way to make your existing door look new and freshen up living space / office space. 

Door Frames

We also supply completely new frames to suit your space should it be for a new space or to replace existing frames. We regularly produce hardwood door frames which we can polish in our spray booth or softwood door frames / MDF door frames should a painted finish be required. Architraves, Stops, Intermission strips etc can all be included.



Producing a range from standard door linings to mitred hardwood frames. These can all be polished or painted to your requirements. 

Doors can be supplied 30 minute fire rated or 60 minute fire rated. Hardwood lipped, laminated, veneered, primed or painted