Bathroom Cubicles

Custom made bathroom cubicles, made to measure and fitting exactly how you want them to. Whether you want laminated bathroom cubicles or melamine bathroom cubicles, we supply all shapes, sizes and colour options. Supplying all the fixtures and fittings along with the cubicles, we can easily renovate a toilet space. 

Whilst using the likes of Formica, Egger, Polyrey, Trespa to name a few, the options are vast in terms of appearance and finish. 



Other information:


We've found the Challenge series cubicles fixtures and fittings to be the most versatile and best all round solution. We can supply others but these are our recommended items. We also use Keku Clips for our lift off panels.


We produce our bathroom cubicles in both melamine if you're on more of a budget or laminated for a more premium outfit.